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5 Reasons We Are United with HoldMyTicket

By New Mexico United Staff, 06/11/19, 8:30AM MDT


Why New Mexico United is Proud Partners in Ticketing with HoldMyTicket

“New Mexico United is very fortunate to have HoldMyTicket (HMT) in Albuquerque. We looked at Ticketmaster and a number of other global ticket providers but the ability to work with a local company that could customize a solution appealed to us on a number of levels. Wes, Hano and the entire HMT team stepped time and time again to create a solution that should be used by professional teams across the country. HMT is a fantastic example of a local company that is thriving against global competition.” 

-Peter Trevisani, New Mexico United Owner/CEO

Do you ever wonder how New Mexico United manages to get an average of 12,200+ supporters through the gates of Isotopes Park and into the right seats for the match? Thanks to our partner in ticketing, HoldMyTicket, we have a unique solution that is perfectly tailored to all of our ticketing needs.


1. They’re New Mexican!

Our team was founded on the principle of uniting all of New Mexico and what better way to empower our state than by keeping our key business relationships local? Just like New Mexico United, HoldMyTicket is homegrown in Albuquerque, NM. From humble beginnings after-hours in a local coffee shop chain, they have now grown into a central downtown Albuquerque location in the historic Sunshine Building, on the corner of 2nd Street and Central Ave.


2. They Customize Solutions for Us

Soccer has never been done in New Mexico to the scale that New Mexico United has done it. When we approached HoldMyTicket, we had many needs that other business did not. Their team was adaptable to our requests, customizing their platform to best serve our supporters for our matches. Through our partnership, HoldMyTicket is now able to offer powerful features for sports on their platform like reserved seating, season ticket capabilities, and payment installations.


3. They’re at the Leading Edge of Technology and Innovation

At New Mexico United we never do anything small, our biggest crowd for a match so far this season was in the 15,000’s and we only see that number trending upward. How do we manage getting so many supporters through our gates and to their seats? At our matches you will find the newest in ticketing technology thanks to HoldMyTicket. They ensure that it is a seamless process from the initial ticket purchase to easily pulling those tickets up at the gate on iPhone, Android and all other current platforms because HoldMyTicket is at the forefront of innovation with the newest in tech.


4.  They Actually Answer and Know What They’re Talking About

It is rare nowadays to chat with support that is not confined to business hours and rarer still for that support to be immediately involved in addressing your question. Not only does HoldMyTicket have 24 hour in house support, but the team answering your questions has an intimate knowledge of the software they developed.


5. They Make Our Lives Easier

Launching a new soccer team that is so well received by New Mexico keeps us busy at New Mexico United, so utilizing a platform that is easy to use is essential. The seamless integration of HoldMyTicket provides a positive experience for our team and our supporters, to make match day an experience all of us remember fondly.


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