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10 Creative Costume Ideas for Meow Wolf Night

By New Mexico United Staff, 07/23/19, 9:15AM MDT


If you have been to Meow Wolf you know that this art collective, which we are proud to boast as our home jersey sponsor, shows you a wild and crazy time! You should expect nothing less for New Mexico United’s Meow Wolf Night on August 3 at Isotopes Park. 

As always, we are depending on our fans to bring the energy we are now known for nationally! We encourage you to wear your best costume to our August 3 match to out weird our competitor Austin Bold FC and take home a grand prize at our costume contest. As if you needed more reason to dress up we will even give away an exclusive Meow Wolf flag to the first 2,500 fully costumed fans through our gates at 6:00pm. 

If you’re having trouble thinking of a costume we have got you covered with ten crazy costume ideas!


1. Super Supporter

With our real life superheroes on the pitch what better way to represent on Meow Wolf Night than to don a New Mexico United Official Club Flag cape? You have to put more effort into your costume if you are a super fan, though. Snag some The Curse buttons to affix the cape to your yellow or black bodysuit. Incorporate the shield into your costume in a creative way whether that be brazenly across the chest, on shoulder pads, arm guards or an on brand prop. Check out some duct tape boot tutorials on YouTube so you are united from head to toe! 


2. Monster Match

Ever been to Meow Wolf’s Monster Battle on the Santa Fe Plaza? Any wacky gettup that fits within the multiverse would be right at home on August 3! Make your own Monster or come as a popular furry creature complete with horns and big eyes. Go all out as this one can get really crazy and colorful! Snaggy is sure to love hanging out with some fellow monsters at this match.

3. Become One with the Ball

Ever dreamed of being on the pitch with our players? Now is your chance to get creative with black and white to become one of the soccer balls in the stadium. Throw some yellow and our shield in there to be one of our very own branded soccer balls. There is no way to go wrong with this one so kick it out of the park and you just might end up on the pitch.


4. Concessions Costume

A staple in any sport are the concessions available in the stadium. Become the fuel that keeps our fans on their feet throughout the match. Embody the best in-stadium cuisine from hot dogs to pizza, Isotopes Park alone offers a plethora of ideas. Dress up in your best foodie look to egg on our team!

5. Somos Luchadores

New Mexico was well known for professional athletes from the wrestling community even before New Mexico United took the state by a soccer storm. Bench some United flags with a lucha libre mask paired with black and yellow gear for a hardcore look which is sure to fit in with the crowd!


6. UKnighted

Don your helmet and armor for the ultimate battle on the pitch. Protect the realm of Isotopes Park from the Austin Bold FC and support New Mexico United as our bannermen in the stands! Whether you’re a dual wielding knight or your mace requires two hands, this is another great opportunity to get creative with incorporating our shield into your look.


7. El Gato Naranja/Verde

You know El Gato Naranja is guarding our net! How do you embody the orange cat? There is a perfect opportunity for twinning out on this one with orange and green as the animal alter ego of our home and away goalie! Get clever with fur, paint and whatever other feline related items you can find. We can’t make heads or tails of it, but we’re hoping to see some cool cats out in the stands!


8. Fairy Fan

There have been reports of twinkling lights around the stadium in minute 83 of our matches and we have seen a couple tutus twirling around the stadium, but no fairy sightings as of yet. While United gear is pretty magical in and of itself, for this occasion it could do with sprinkles of black and yellow glitter. No fairy is truly complete without some striped wings and a waving flag wand.

9. Princess on the Pitch

How do you rule the magical kingdom of New Mexico United? Grace the stadium with your royal presence and enjoy the match waving from your seat. Dote your favor on your favorite player to see them through to a goal! From cones to crowns, make sure your allegiance is properly represented in your stately style. 


10. Wizarding World Cup

This may not be a quidditch match, but soccer is likely the closest you will get to such a sport in New Mexico. If you’re a Hufflepuff, you likely have a lot of black and yellow in your wizarding wardrobe. In the Somos Unidos vein, however, we are accepting of all houses at our games! So feel free to rock your house colors and bring some wizardry to our soccer match. 

We know that our fans creativity knows no bounds so we expect to see a stadium full of wacky costumes to out weird Austin Bold FC. No matter what you wear be sure to cheer loud for our lads in black and yellow!

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