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Statistically Speaking: What Would A Usual New Mexico United Game Look Like?

By New Mexico United Staff, 08/22/19, 6:00PM MDT


On average, what can you expect to see on the pitch from New Mexico United?

As United crosses into the final third of the season, the larger sample size allows descriptive statistics to paint a more accurate picture of true performance. With these numbers, we can use past results as a general guide to how the team has played so far this season, and provide a baseline for the team’s results on the whole, as well as provide an idea of the usual set up and key events that will happen in a New Mexico United match.

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On the defensive side of the team, we rank around average in the western conference. In a normal game for the team, United concede 1.6 goals on 4.4 shots faced on goal, with goalie Cody Mizell saving the other 3. The backline shows up well too, between them averaging 18.8 clearances, 3.5 blocks, and 9 interceptions a game. Justin Schmidt himself accounts for 1 block alone per game.


Coming to distribution, there’s nowhere better to start than defensive midfielder Juan Pablo Guzman. On July 31 against rival El Paso, he completed 98% of his passes and was perfect in the opponents’ half. In an average game, however, we would expect that Juan would complete almost 50 passes with a 92% pass accuracy. Overall, the team averages 80% pass accuracy, completing 346 passes on 434 attempts. To examine the attacking side of passing, we can use the statistic ‘key passes’, which are defined by passes that lead to attempted shots. New Mexico United are expected to average 10 key passes a game, with Chris Wehan leading the team with almost 2.5 per game.


 Before we come to the goals, an aspect of the game one could analyze first would be discipline. New Mexico United is a tough, physical team and will make sure to take the game to the opposition. Given the squad setup, United would usually be shown 2 to 3 yellow cards per game. Digging deeper into the discipline numbers, as a team New Mexico United usually wins 13 fouls and concedes 14.5. Kevaughn Frater is single-handedly leading the team in these stats, winning 3 fouls and conceding 4 a game, earning a yellow card every two games.


Finally, let’s discuss the attack. On a regular night for the club, we will take 10 shots in the full 90 minutes given this squad setup. 5 of those 10 shots will be on target, and at least 2 should go in (the team’s average comes out to 2.1). Kevaughn Frater and Santi Moar are both equally dominant in all three numbers, with both putting in at least 2 shots, one on goal, and a goal every two games at least. 

So, in conclusion, we can come to some general understanding of what the clubs base game so far this season would be. We’ll generally score at least two goals (2.12) and concede at least one (1.61). We’ll pass the ball over 400 times with about 80% accuracy. We will shoot 10 shots with at least 5 on target. And, if everything goes according to plan, get the result for the state.

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