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2019 Somos Unidos Player Award

By New Mexico United Staff, 10/03/19, 2:45PM MDT


'Somos Unidos' has become more than just a rallying cry for New Mexico United and our fans. Somos Unidos means friends that have become family. An expanded community of support and unity. It transcends language barriers, distances, and differences.  

At its core, Somos Unidos has become the heart and soul of our team and the largest part of our ethos: 


the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.


This season, our players have had the opportunity to experience our home, our people and our culture. They have become family, just as much as the people who sit in the stands next to you, or the first person you invite to a watch party. For our players, embodying the spirit of Somos Unidos and understanding the incredible weight of responsibility they carry for their new family has been key.

As we end our inaugural season, we want to give you the chance to honor a player who has embodied the spirit of Somos Unidos, both on and off the pitch.  Below, you'll see a quote from each player, explaining what 'Somos Unidos' means to them. 

2019 Somos Unidos Player Award
Ken Akamatsu - "Somos Unidos means a warm, welcoming community. Somos Unidos is New Mexico."
Ben Beaury - "Somos Unidos represents hardwork, humility, and diligence."
Daniel Bruce - "Somos Unidos means putting the team before myself."
David Estrada - "Somos Unidos means realizing that my role here is much bigger than myself and that I am a part of a collective group."
Kevaughn Frater - "Somos Unidos means having fun, preparing properly and being relentless with your work."
Josh Goss - "Somos Unidos means coming together no matter your story."
Juan Pablo Guzman - "Somos Unidos is a statement that this team is bigger than soccer."
Sam Hamilton - "Somos Unidos means being a part of something that is bigger than yourself."
Tommy Madden - "Somos Unidos is the pride we feel playing for and representing this community as a whole."
Cody Mizell - "Somos Unidos is hard to describe, its more of a feeling. Like the feeling of knowing my child will be a New Mexican."
Santi Moar - "Somos Unidos is that feeling I get when we have a great play and I get to celebrate with thousands of family members."
Saalih Muhammed - "Somos Unidos means a commitment to family, and a commitment to have each other's backs."
Manny Padilla - "Somos Unidos means togetherness."
Ethen Sampson - "Somos Unidos means bringing unity together and creating an atmosphere and bond that no one can stop."
Devon Sandoval - "Somos Unidos means the unity of New Mexicans across all walks of life."
Justin Schmidt - "Somos Unidos means a strong and prideful community."
Toni Soler - "Somos Unidos is a reflection of how this community comes before the team and how the people are more important than any win."
Josh Suggs - "Somos Unidos means as New Mexicans, we are all family."
Rashid Tetteh - "Somos Unidos means that I have a family that, win or lose, will always be cheering behind me."
Chris Wehan - "Somos Unidos means that together we have one common identity."
Ryan Williams - "Somos Unidos means ohana, ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind."
Austin Yearwood - "Somos Unidos means togetherness in the face of hardship."
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