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Tickets for regular season matches will be available on a limited basis, dependent upon county, state, and federal COVID-safe protocols, and best practices, and will be released a few matches at a time, to allow United to adjust to the latest COVID-safe protocols as they develop.

Those tickets will be available in waves, with each wave capped to provide equitable access for everyone. In addition, tickets will be sold in pods of varying sizes to allow for proper social distancing.

The waves for the first two matches are listed below:

  • WAVE 1 (March 30 - April 7): Individuals who donated their 2020 season tickets to the Somos Unidos Foundation will receive a phone call to set up purchase.

  • WAVE 2 (April 8 - April 9): Individuals who rolled their 2020 season tickets over to 2022 will now have access, using the email address on file during their ticket purchase.

  • WAVE 3 (Beginning April 12): Anyone can access tickets online.

Again, each of these waves is capped, based upon capacity, to allow everyone to have an opportunity to purchase tickets.

This season, all tickets will be delivered digitally upon purchase. Upon entering the park, individuals can use their mobile devices to scan their ticket barcode, or print out their tickets ahead of time.